Our Story

Rosanero’s roots are in the smaller and now legendary Café Rosanero on King Edward Street in Macclesfield. It was opened and ran by Sicilian chef Salvatore Di Maio.

The name Rosanero, which means pink and black in Italian, are the colours of the football team of Salvatore’s hometown of Palermo on the Mediterranean island of Sicily. He is as passionate about his football as he is about his food!

For those valued customers or as Salvatore would call them friends who have followed our story from the beginning will know, as intimate, friendly and full of life café Rosanero was it had its limitations which Salvatore found at times frustrating. He was unable to demonstrate all he could do in such a small kitchen and provide the dining experience he knew his customers deserved.

In February 2011 the new Rosanero Restaurant on Mill Street in Macclesfield opened it’s doors. The new restaurant is big, modern with a large open kitchen but likes to think it has maintained it’s warm friendly family orientated atmosphere. The large new kitchen has given Salvatore the opportunity to expand and develop his own personal culinary skills and to bring in fellow Italian chefs with their experience and knowledge of creating authentic Italian cuisine.

Along the way Salvatore and his partner Claire have had a daughter Filippa who can now at the age of three be seen chatting to customers and with her pad and pen taking orders.

83 Mill Street
SK11 6NN
Tel: 01625 511 105